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It doesn’t matter who won


I have processed the election results for quite some time this morning. In the early hours, I found myself afraid – filled with a fear I have not known in a long time.

I didn’t like it.

Then I applied my tools.

I drilled down, utilizing “The Seven Whys.”

I discovered that my fear was based on belief in the shouts of media, divisionists, and politicians – the same people that I know seldom speak the truth and, if they do, it always comes with a spin.

These are the same people (different faces perhaps, same message, same tactics) that worked to convince us, as Obama won the election, that he was coming for our guns, that he was not who he claimed to be and a threat to the country.

Some people still think that rhetoric is true despite no substantiated facts.

Today they have done the same.

They are filling minds with fears of hatred, bigotry, violence. They are casting blame, judgement, and their own vile.

They are driving wedges, creating divisions, drawing lines in the sand.

I breathe.

What is different, really?

What has changed between yesterday and today? Between this new president elect and the previous?


The rich are still in power. The government is still a cumbersome bureaucracy that moves at the pace of a frozen snail. Fear and money still sit in the focal seat.


I still have control over the ONLY thing I have and will always have control over.


(At least on a really good day.)

But seriously…

If control exists (that’s a different conversation), the only place I can apply it is to me, for me, on me, with me.

I control me.

I choose my thoughts, my behaviors, what I see, who I embrace, how I present myself in the World.

I look around at my friends – on FB and in “real” life.

They represent the full array of the vote.

Some voted for Trump, others for Hillary, some for third partyers and still others for no one.

They are still my people. Nothing has changed.

I choose not to judge based on how people voted.

I choose not to judge.

I choose to take in behavior, listen to words, look at their actions.

Are they respectful, kind, striving for equity?

Are we?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I do it well all the time. Remember, I own that I only have control over me and only on a good day!

But what are our choices now?

How do we implement change in the World for the good of all? How do we move forward, together, to continue to expand and change this society and culture into the one that embodies a vision of equity and respect?

We have control over only one thing.

One POWERFUL thing.

Ourselves. Our “I”.

I implore you to stand with me today – and tomorrow and the next day and the next – and choose to be the best you you can be; to live your life in Love

  • In what you say
  • In what you do
  • In what you think
  • In how you choose to interact

I promise to do my best to lead in love; to work together in love; to live in love. I invite you to join me.

Remember, Love is kind. Patient. Respectful. Seeks first to understand. Lifts the weak. Recognizes its own short-comings.

Recognizes its own Power.

And stands there;

Love stands in its own Power.

Regardless of who you voted for, of who won…

Embrace your Power.

Embrace your Love.


Leah Kyaio co-owns With Respect, LLC and works as the Executive Director, Program Developer, and Professional Development Trainer; providing strengths-based solutions that provide tools and skills to organizations and businesses to reduce and eliminate racism and sexism.

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